Well-managed accommodation 

Since 1986 Fictura AB has been working with leasing of weekend cottages in Dalarna and real estates in the Stockholm area. We are a small family-owned buisness with focus on functional solutions for accommodation in good locations. Which means that we are trying to think long term, solve problems rapidly and putting efforts into strong relations with our tenants. BoVille is part of our ambition to offer a really good accommodation at the right location in the fast growing Stockholm area at a reasonable price.

Tenant voices

Fun, peaceful, social.  A great experience.  Student 2019-2021

It was really great experience! If I come again in Stockholm for studying, I would apply again to stay in BoVille.   
KI student 2018-2019

Great neighbor, great administration, great place!   
KTH student 2017-2018

It was a very nice time. In my view the idea of private student accomodation is ingenious in every city with a housing situation similar to the one in Stockholm   KTH student 2018

It was great. I have no major complaints. 
SU Student 2019-2020

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